Hi, I'm Brian. I'm a senior copywriter on a mission is to make everything I write stand out. Encourage spit takes, tears and mostly *bwahahas* so whomever we're talking to can actually remember the message amongst all the other TV spots, radio, social media posts, emails, pre-rolls, videos, print ads, web banners, rich media, manifestos, retail ads, billboards and other racket out there. How? By making that honest, human connection they can relate to, and have a blast doing it. 
And whether I'm in my hometown hood of KC, the weird streets of Austin, the sizzling valley of Phoenix or icy tundras of Minnesota, I've always found ways to stay creative. Plus, I've picked up a few accents along the way and am currently perfecting Chicagoan. Beyond the realms of advertising, my passions include screenwriting (ask about my feature film script...please), filmmaking, happy hour, The Beastie Boys, getting my comedy fix, traveling near and far, volleyball, foosball, softball, biking (road, mountain, the moon, etc), exchanging ideas, kicking it with my nieces and nephs and viewing life from all different perspectives. 
Want more? Get in touch at briankille@gmail.com ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Winston Chueng, ACD @ Burrell -  “He always brings his ‘A’ game." I had the pleasure of working with Brian a couple of times at Burrell, and I was always impressed by Brian’s ability to instantly come up a lot of smart ideas along with a barrel of fun executions. To top it off, he always did it with a great attitude. Brian would be an asset to any team. 
Kenny Haas, Creative Director/Writer @ Paco -  Count on Brian to bring a fresh voice to any project. He's got a gift for coming at projects from unique angles and coming up with concepts that are right on strategy. Plus, he's a great team player, at work and at play—he actually organized our company volleyball team while being a freelancer! I truly enjoyed working with Brian, even though he's a Royal's fan.
Gretchen Weaver, ACD/Writer @ Epsilon - Brian wrote copy for The Home Depot CRM team. He understood the voice quickly and worked fast to provide many options to present back to the client. Additionally, he was always professional when we needed to do several rounds of concepts. He was amiable and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him. I would hire him again for sure.​​​​​​​
Mark Graham Creative Director/Art - Call on Brian because he wants to help. Lean on Brian because he's fast and will turn it around. Depend on Brian because he's there for you. He values keeping creative true and wants what's best for the assignment while retaining a keen eye on the brand. In my time working with Brain I've found him to be willing to chip in and get his hands dirty on any project. We've been in tight turn arounds together and Brian has continually kept us with work in hand. He's a solid writer on top of being a solid guy.​​​​​​​ 

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