One offs, spec pieces and pitch ideas I've collected over the years...

Land O' Lakes
Oh Land O' Lakes. How I love thy butter. That's butter. None of that plastic margarine crap. And this is a print campaign that really gets to the heart of the why it's the only butter worth baking with. There's just something about an original product from back in grandma's day, that still defines the category today.
Jet Blue  
More on board. Jet Blue thrives on bringing something else to the air traveler besides stale peanuts, a seat, and free checked baggage. They have Satellite radio, Direct TV and some pretty dang comfy seats. And what's a cool, iconic way to show these cool features? With aircraft windows of course. Keep it simple stupid. What else is cool is that these can be digital, out of home, social, etc. 
We're open late. And don't worry, no one will see you. 
Back pain really hits you after a long day's work. Thermacare's strategically placed ads remind people that their commute could be much more comfortable, regardless of the pain. 
It's not fast food. Au Bon Pain is gourmet food fast. Almost like what you'd find in a fancy dining restaurant. These ads remind consumers they're getting just that with a little humor. #GourmetFoodFast
All State 
Helped insurance agents quickly understand the Star Driver program in one, simple line. 
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