Writing, directing and more
Screenwriting has always been a passion for me. And not just the writing part. I wrote a feature film entitled, "My Brother's Keeper" several years back and haven't stopped since. Within the last few years I've written a few short films, mainly comedy and a little suspense. And even produced a few. Not to mention writing a handful of sketches while at Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago.  I plan to continue this passion and have scripts available, so if you'd like to have a peek, just email me at briankille@gmail.com. 
My Brothers Keeper - feature script
The New Place - produced short film - writer, producer, director
The Dumb Bum - produced short film - writer, producer, director
The Handlers - produced short film - co-writer
The Handlers 2 - produced short - co-writer 
The Hopeless Inventor - short - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL Packet - writer
Improv Olympic - spec script (Family Guy) - "Bad Dog Dating App" - writer 
Second City - various sketches - writer 
Here's a couple samples from my Improv Olympic SNL sketch writing class which poke a little fun at my career. Enjoy. 
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